Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Palatines to America Logo

The issue of name recognition is important for any company that wants customers to turn to them when they are in need of whatever it is they are offering.  But sometimes, words are not enough.  People need to recognize the company even when all that can be seen is a logo designed to remind people of the company.  Companies like Coke and Pepsi invest money making sure that their logos are instantly recognizable.

Organizations need to strive for the same level of public recognition if they expect to attract new members.  Name recognition is sometimes not enough.  The literature produced by the organization needs to carry a familiar logo that makes it recognizable.  Over time the logo might need to change, but it should always reflect the nature and character of the organization.

With this in mind, the National Board of Palatines to America has been discussing a change in our logo for the last few meetings.  Our logo has always been a ship to reflect the fact that we are all about our German speaking ancestors who came to this country on ships.  We didn't want to abandon that idea, but wanted to incorporate into our logo a concise statement of our purpose. 

At our September 2012 Board meeting, several possible logos were presented and after discussion and some modification of one of the original designs, it was decided to utilize the following logo in our 2013 Conference literature.  In the meantime, your comments and reactions are being sought before we make it the official logo of Palatines to America.

If you would like to join in the discussion, leave a comment, on this blog, or send an email to palatinenotes@gmail.com.

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