Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kocherthal Circle

Last July, I wrote about the lineage society that Palatines to America had established for those who are descendants of those early Palatines who came to this country under the leadership of Lutheran minister Joshua Kocherthal.  They arrived in New York during the period of 1708 to 1711 and settled initially along the Hudson River.  They then relocated to the Schoharie and then the Mohawk Valley.  This lineage society, a part of the Palatines to America is meant as a means for the descendants of those early Palatines to establish their claim to that lineage.

We are hoping that some members of the Palatines to America will have completed the application and be inducted into the Kocherthal Circle at our June 2013, National Conference in Albany, NY.  

I would encourage anyone who claims those early Palatines as their ancestors to download an application from our website at and complete the process.  If you have already documented your family history back to those Palatines, the process should be relatively easy.  However there is a March 15 deadline for submitting the application and documents needed to become a member.

You could become one of the charter members of the Kocherthal Circle.  Getting started now, and join us in Albany in June.

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